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3D Model Design (XL)

Order 3D product design from us. Note! Order a free cost estimate first. After you received the cost estimate from our designer you are ready to buy this.

Normally we handle all design requests within a few days. Sometimes if all designers are busy the design can take up to 14 days. If you are in a rush you can order a Rushed design. Then we guarantee that you will get the design in 5 days.

€450,00 ei sisällä ALV
€390,90 ei sisällä ALV

This product is suitable for you if you have received a message from our designer (based on your free cost estimate order) suggesting to by the XL 3D Model Design Project.


We can deliver almost any kind of 3D model design project. Usually our models are used in 3D printers and they can be printed directly on almost all 3D printers. We will deliver models by default in STL file format and also OBJ is possible. If you need some other file format please ask about it in your cost estimate order.


NOTE! Please don't order this product if you don't have a cost estimate yet - order it FIRST from our store: 

Your need  Suggested estimation project for you
Custom design 3D Design Work Estimate
Replacement part Work Estimate for Replacement Part


To see how this service works please go to the front page and watch our presentation video (audio needeed)