3D Printed Kopterit.net Logo

3D printed plastic (PLA) kopterit.net forum logo with a own nick (example = kamakaze) or without it.
Saatavuus: Varastossa
Toimitusaika: 8 days

Minkä värin haluat?


Minkä värin haluat?

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€42,00 ei sisällä ALV

Cool 3D printed kopterit.net logo with your own nick or without it (in example nick is 'kamakaze').


Check the video of glowing logo:





The second picture is a 3D model and the real print is not so shiny and it has a small surface texture. It might be that the bottom of the printout is a little bit (1-2mm) wrapped from some corner because big flat prints out usually wrap a little bit.


Please ask about your team/company/association logo with same logic (order free estimation)


This product is created in co-operation with kopterit.net Ry - custom nick is only available for registered kopterit.net users that have payed membership fee for this year (will be checked in order process)

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