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PlayfulPixels 3D design service for 3D printing presentation from Kamakaze on Vimeo.

3D printing, 3D scanning and other rapid manufacturing methods have been hot topics for a few years, but unfortunately getting the full advantage of these technologies requires 3D modeling skills which it takes time to learn. This shop is created to support all people that are interested in getting their own design into a real product or would just like to fix a broken product with a new spare part and need a model for that.

Manufacturing opportunities

We can also create the product for you with 3D printers.

How it works?

This works in a very simple way - there are only few steps:

1. First you order a free cost estimate on your project/idea

2. After our estimate you will get a link to the design product that fits your needs (pricing starting typically from 10€ and options based on your project's needs)

3. We will create the design for you and you can comment it and ask for adjustments to the design if needed

4. After your acceptance the design is ready and you can order manufacturing from us or some other dedicated 3D printing service on the internet

So simple - just browse through our site and ask for a free cost estimate!

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Accepted payment methods

We accept only secured PayPal payments. Purchase Order (PO) is possible for bigger orders (> 150€)


Would you like to get a free gift-card to our store?

Are you interested in getting a free gift-card to our store? We would appreciate it if you shared information about our store. So if you post the link and information about our service on any forum or facebook group and you send a link to your post to info[at]playfulpixels.com you will get a 5 euro gift-card immediately when we have checked your post. Please don't spam - we are interested only in getting nicely written information about the service in relevant forums and facebook groups.

Featured products

3D Design Work Estimate (FREE)

Do you have an idea for a part that you can't buy at any store? Don't worry! We can design and make it for you!
€0.00 excl tax

Work Estimate for Replacement Part (FREE)

Do you have a small broken part which is why you can't use your expensive product anymore? Or do you have some handy tool and the manufacturer doesn't create replacement parts anymore or at a reasonable price? Don't worry! We can make a replacement part for you!
€0.00 excl tax

3D Printing Service

Order 3D printing services from us. Note! Order a free cost estimate first. After you received the cost estimate from our designer you are ready to buy this.

FPV Camera Mount Blackout Mini H Quad

Very light weight 3D printed plastic (PLA) FPV Camera Mount for Blackout Mini H Quad. This mount supports pitch tilt and anti-vibration stabilization (sold separately).
€43.00 excl tax €34.90 excl tax

3D Print Work Estimate (FREE)

Do you have a fully ready 3D model that you want to 3D print? We can make it for you!
€0.00 excl tax

Tactile map from Touch Mapper

For the visually impaired a tactile map is a great help in getting oriented and planning routes. Touch Mapper makes it easy to get custom outdoors tactile maps for any address of your choice. Tactile maps are also a suitable present for housewarming parties if you would like to give something personal! You have to first create your own STL map file.
€35.00 excl tax
We are happy to tell you that finally after a few months of intensive testing we can add a new very strong and weather resistant material to our offering - carbon fiber! Please check pictures and video in this news post.
We are in deep co-operation with Touch Mapper service (www.touch-mapper.org) that creates 3D tactile maps for the blind and visually impaired to perceive their environment. You can find this product, pictures and video from the tactile-map product page.
In competitive bowling correct grip fit is vital. We scanned and modeled finger inserts to fit the precise measures of the customer's fingers. Read the whole story!