3D Print Work Estimate (FREE)

Do you have a fully ready 3D model that you want to 3D print? We can make it for you!

If you already have your own 3D model we can use it for manufacturing.

If the 3D model design work is only modifying your existing model it may reduce the costs.


We accept *.STL, *.OBJ or .ZIP files - if you are not sure how to convert (please zip all bigger than 2Mb files)

your file to the right format please contact sales@playfulpixels.com and we will help you.



Measurement accuracy has a significant effect on modeling costs so please be thorough in defining these points.

It is important to describe thoroughly those areas where accurate dimensions are crucial and leave other areas more loosely defined because too tight accuracy requirements will only bring up costs unnecessarily.

Explain in your own words how the modeled part will be fitted into other parts and the entire structure. e.g. what parts need to fit with connected parts and which surfaces will touch other parts (from tightest to loosest fit: hammering into place, screwing into place, tight fit that can be put in place manually only once, comfortable manual fit that can be removed and put back in several timea).


About 70% of our prints are made of PLA and stronger PETG is about 25% of all printouts (it is 3-4 x more expensive). PLA is a cheap and quite durable natural oil free (based on corn) plastic material that is available in all colors.

If you need extreme durability and flexibility we suggest using much more valuable short fiber carbon fiber.

More information about all available materials.

Normally we handle all requests within a few hours to a few days. Sometimes if all designers are busy the estimation can take up to 5 days. If you are in a rush you can order a Rushed estimate. Then we will guarantee that you will get the estimate in 24h.

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Do you have a ready 3D model that you want to 3D print? 

If you have already designed a part that needs only 3D printing, please send us your model or link to the web site where we can download your model (add web site link to the free text field).


The best file format is .STL or .Obj but we can open all most common file formats.


NOTE! If you need any kind of customization to the model you have select Design Estimate


Many projects?

If you have many projects please create separate orders for all of them (don't add many projects into one estimate order).

We would like to give you an accurate price of printing.

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