3D Printed Design Ladle for Sauna

3D printed design (PLA) ladle with long handle.
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This design ladle is every sauna and tech geek's wet dream and it is a great welcome or other present for sauna lover friends.


It is created from partially transparent white PLA. The color mimics snow so we call it snow white.


This ladle is designed in Finland, the home of sauna - we definitely know how to design sauna products here! :)


The ladle has an extra long handle (43cm, and total lenght 55cm) that makes it easier to use. It also has optimal weight balance for easy use.


Note! 3D prints are never totally waterproof so if you leave this in the bucket it may collect water inside of it. This does not harm the product and it looks nice when lights reflect on it. Remember also that PLA will melt in temperatures above 210C so don't use this ladle to touch any heated stones or anything else very hot. It can easily handle water vapor, but we don't recommend leaving it in a hot sauna for several hours.


There is extra delivery cost in this product because it is so long (15€ extra).



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