3D Printed Design Ladle for Sauna

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Needs and design start point

In this case the need was to create a longer sauna ladle that fits well together with the customer's water bucket with nice lights. So we decided to create a design ladle that has a much longer handle than an ordinary ladle (the customer needs to reach the water bucket quite far away). 

The customer was also complaining that his wrist twists into an unergonomic angle with traditional handles - he would like to get something more suitable for his anatomy and take that into account in design.


Side profile

Scoop design

We started the project with the most important part - the scoop has to throw water to the heater stones at the correct angle so that it is accurate and doesn't squirt around all over the sauna, but it has to give nice and smooth steam all over the sauna. The customer measured the optimal amount of water for his sauna using a normal water glass and we created a scoop that was exactly that size. :)


Size definitionScoop height defintionScoop profile
Scoop Design 
ProfileTopRight Side


The handle is the crown of a design ladle

After the scoop is was time to desing a good handle. We created two prototypes to get the optimal angle for the wrist and handle so that it is as easy as possible to throw water at the correct angle at the stove.


It is important that the handle is not totally round because it would twist in your hand and using it would not be comfortable. A water drop profile was functional as well as nice looking and fits well in the sauna environment - the customer was very happy about the design and how it looks.


Side profile



We have the manufacturing limitation that we can't print a 60cm long part in one piece so we had to split the ladle into two parts. At the same time we got a design that is useful for company present purposes because this sleeve part has space for any custom logo that you need! This specific customer didn't need a logo, but we got acceptance from the original customer to sell this to other customers with a logo.


Final strenght and slice view check before manufacturing

Always when we create this kind of a product we do material strenght analysis and slice view analysis to find possible small design errors. That way we can avoid unwanted extra printouts or, what is even worse, the product breaking later in use. 

Here are the final pictures of the model before printing!


Side profile


Side profile



More detailed pictures 
Right Side


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