Custom 3D Printing

You can order almost any type of custom parts printed with our high resolution 3D printers. We use FDM (cheap and ok details, small to big parts and good color options) and SLA techiniques (sharp details and strong material option).

About 60% of our prints are made using the FDM method out of PLA. Stronger PETG material is about 25% of all printouts (it is 2-3 x more expensive). PLA is a cheap and quite durable natural oil free (based on corn) plastic material that is available in all colors.

If you need extreme durability and flexibility we suggest using much more valuable short fiber carbon fiber or even detailed SLA printouts.

SLA materials are much more valuable and printouts need to be post-processed manually, so they are clearly more valuable. SLA needs post prosessing of parts so minimum cost is 18e and and typically SLA parts vary from 28-150e + VAT when FDM parts are typically 9-89e + VAT. SLA tough is a very strong material that is a little bit flexible too. SLA standard is suitable for parts that are not actively used a lot (miniatures, ornamets etc.)

We have many materials available and most commonly used listed here:



Most common and cheapest printing material - over 60% of our customers select this. Also clear version available!


Very strong and a littile bit flexible material (stronger than ABS) about 180% of PLA price.


Super detailed material - good for miniatyres or led covers (transparent). Not so strong if small details. Parts max dimension is about 20cm if other dimensions are also similar max is 17cm. Color is always Grey or transparent (can be painted any color - painting cost 49e + VAT)


Super strong material. Bigger parts can handle even hammering! Parts max dimension is about 20cm if other dimensions are also similar max is 17cm. Color is always partially opaque green (can be painted any color - painting cost 49e + VAT)


Very durable, wear-resistant and more expensive material (not suitable for big items, warps easily)

Carbon Fiber

Very durable and strong short fiber carbon fiber material

Wood-like material

Looks like wood or chipboard. Quite fragile material and a little bit flexible

Flexible rubber PLA

Flexible material, suitable for small items that need rubber functionalities