Custom Safety Helmet - After Surgical Operation!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My customer had a tumor the size of a small apple in his brain. In the operation the surgeon removed a big piece of skull bone and for the next 6 months he had only a piece of skin to protect his brain. His balance was so bad that he had a high risk of falling and hitting his head so we created a 3D printed safety helmet that will protect his brain. This custom helmet fits perfectly on the operated exceptionally shaped skull and in is super light (only 110g).


The process started with collecting accurate pictures of customer's head from front and right and top side profiles:

Front SideTop SideRight Side
FrontTopRight Side


After taking accurate images of the customer we started creating a model that fits the customer to the millimeter. He pointed out to us that he has to wear the helmet 16 h/day so it should be as light as possible. Note! We don't recommend printing bicycle helmets or other real safety helmets but because the customer only walks with this helmet it is strong enough for this purpose and super light (only 110g).

Here you can see a few pictures of the model - first the most important side profile, then 3D perspective image of model and the last one is top view:

 Side profile

Perspective view to model

Top view of model

After the customer was happy with this model we were ready to start printing. We made the decision to print the model in two pieces. Both took over 5,5 hours so the full helmet printout was ready after 11h printing.


Priting in progress


After printing we just tightened the parts together with very tight cable ties (installed with a special tool). This connection allows the helmet to move a little bit if the user falls down so it is one of the strongest ways to connect two very light helmet pieces together without the risk that the parts will fracture in case of an accident:

Right Side

The final step was adding cushions to ensure a perfect fit to the head. The fit was so perfect that the customer was sure that there will be no problem to wear it all day (indoors and outdoors) and of course we are very happy about this comment because it tells us that we made it right way - we can't add anything except wish a speedy recovery to our customer! :)



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