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Order 3D printing services from us. Note! Order a free cost estimate first. After you received the cost estimate from our designer you are ready to buy this.
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About 70% of our prints are made of PLA and stronger PETG is about 25% of all printouts (it is 3-4 x more expensive). PLA is a cheap and quite durable natural oil free (based on corn) plastic material that is available in all colors.

If you need extreme durability and flexibility we suggest using much more valuable short fiber carbon fiber.

More information about all available materials.

The price must be from €0.00 to €10000.00

This product is suitable for you if you have received a message from our designer (based on your free cost estimate order) suggesting to buy the 3D Printing Service.

NOTE! Each 3D printout is unique. Larger items may wrap slightly in corners and it's natural for 3D printouts to have character - printed surfaces have a slight texture and are not totally smooth. You can trust that we will never send failed printouts to customers but we will re-print if there are more than normal variations in the result.

Please don't order this product if you don't have a cost estimate yet - order it FIRST from our store (if you have your own model the design cost is 0€ and we just give you the printing price):

Your needSuggested estimation project for you
Custom design3D Design Work Estimate
Replacement partWork Estimate for Replacement Part

Price examplesDescription
7,90€Small print like a keychain
14,90€5cm x 10cm x 1cm cover plate
25,90€18cm x 15cm x 3mm lamp cover
39,90€15cm x 5cm x 5cm action figure
79,90€8cm diameter and 17cm height vase
159,90€15cm x 20cm x 15cm house model

To see how this service works please go to the front page and watch our presentation video (audio needeed)

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