New 3D scanning service

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We have been selling 3D scanning services for a few months now. Here are a couple example projects:



3D scanning is ideal for models that have a lot of curves or other shapes that are challenging to model manually.

This towel hook is a perfect example of a part that would be much slower to model than to scan. The customer wanted to replicate the original shape exactly, with all the curves included, and the only difference being the transparent color (when the original was white). The original hooks were no longer available in local stores so she turned to us and ordered a full dozen. In this case the scanning cost 15 € + tax.

Some manual model editing is always required after the 3D scanning and this raises the price a bit. Small items (under 20 cm) typically cost 25-70 € to scan if the item doesn't require lots of preparation before scanning (shiny or black items that are hard to clean).   

You don't need to know whether scanning or modeling is better suited to your needs - we will let you know when you order your free replacement part cost estimate here

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