Storage container locking mechanism

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Small things can be important

Sometimes our projects are very small but very important to the customer as this story of a broken storage container locking mechanism shows.

The customer had an important storage container that unfortunately broke and there was no replacement available in stores. The container was exactly the correct size and he didn't want to replace it with a different brand.

In this image you can see how the locking mechanism has broken. We created a quick prototype of 'snow white' material (the customer ended up with bright yellow 3D prints for his final order) 

Broken Storage Container Locking Mechanism

Project progress

First the customer sent us the broken part and we modeled and 3D printed a quick prototype for fitting. The measurements had to be very accurate because of the air tight design of the container.

The prototype turned out quite good to begin with - we only needed to tweak the measurements some parts of a millimeter to ensure a perfect air tight fit. Here are the final yellow locking mechanisms: 

Broken Storage Container Locking Mechanism


What did this cost?

Modeling of the part cost 15.90€. We printed 3 pieces (one prototype and 2 final products) that cost 6.90€ x 3pcs.


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