Work Estimate for Replacement Part (FREE)

Do you have a small broken part which is why you can't use your expensive product anymore? Or do you have some handy tool and the manufacturer doesn't create replacement parts anymore or at a reasonable price? Don't worry! We can make a replacement part for you!

If your model is quite complicated or it is hard to take good pictures of it we recommend sending the broken item to us. Even if you are planning to send the broken item to us please take at least one picture of the product also so that we will get an understanding of its complexity.

If you don't send the broken item to us you have to create good images of it for us to understand all the details.

Please tell us how accurate your drawings are. For replacement parts we need to know all dimensions (width, height and depth) of all details very accurately (0.5 mm tolerance). Otherwise we cannot guarantee that the replacement part will fit into place so please use a caliper tool if possible.

Let us know if accuracy is more important in some details than others.

The dimensions don't need to so accurate if your product is something like a keychain that doesn't need to fit in with other parts.

Write all max dimensions in images like W:435mm, H: 323, D:123.


Please send us 2D drawings of your product or scanned images of it (if the part fits inside a paper scanner).

If you can't do that send at least good images of all details and we will estimate costs based on these images.


Please define if you have any other special needs for the item. Define clearly if any parts of your item have to flexible or if some details have to handle large forces without breaking.


Define also clearly all changes that you would like to get to the original part. 

Remember that the more accurate you are in your description the easier we can create the right part for your needs.

Normally we handle all requests within a few hours to a few days. Sometimes if all designers are busy the estimation can take up to 5 days. If you are in a rush you can order a Rushed estimate. Then we will guarantee that you will get the estimate in 24h.

€0.00 excl tax

Do you have a broken part that you can't buy at any store? We can make a replacement part for you!

Maybe you have a broken part that is hard to find in stores anymore or you would like change it a little bit so that it will be stronger or more practical in your use.

We only need images of your part and we can usually re-create it for you. It's best if you can scan it with your home scanner from every angle or create 2D drawings of it. If you are not capable of doing either of these two we can do it for you - you just have to send the broken product to us (after you have received the cost estimate from us) and we will create a 'fixed' product for you.

We can also make small changes to the original part. Please describe these changes in detail in your estimate order and in images.

NOTE! If you want to create a totally new product please select the 3D Design Work Estimate in stead of this replacement part estimate.


Many projects?

If you have many projects please create separate orders for all of them (don't add many projects into one estimate order).

We would like to give you a rough estimate about the costs before you order an accurate estimate from us so that you will get a hunch about the costs. The table below shows a few common examples and prices. 


Price examples

Name of designPrice (tax excluded)Description
XS re-design29.90€Design work with very small fixes. E.g. a cover plate with 1-2 holes or some other simple model with few details and almost 2D dimensions. You have to take good pictures of the product yourself.
Small re-desing59.90€Quite a simple item like a tool handle or someting similar that has only few detailed dimensions. This has to be relatively easy to model (the original part needs to be in quite good condition) and/or you have to take good pictures yourself.
Medium re-design139.90€The broken item can already be in quite bad shape and it can include a few details with accurate dimensions.
Large re-desing249.90€Your original item can be in bad condition and it can include 5-10 detailed parts. In this price range you can send your product to us and we will re-reate the model for you from scratch.
Very complex 3D scan +100€-2000€ If your item is so complicated that it is not possible to re-create it without 3D scanning. 3D scanning is a complex process and it usually needs a lot of manual adjustment work. 
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